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‘X Factor’ Teen Beatrice Miller Still Grieving Parents’ Separation

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November 10, 2012


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SeparationBeatrice may be doing well on Britney Spears’ team on ‘The X Factor,’ but things are completely different back at home, where her parents are separated but still live together! Beatrice Miller needs as much distraction as possible during her ride on The X Factor. The New Jersey native is from a neighborhood that has sustained major damage from Hurricane Sandy, and she’s also had to deal with her parents’ heartbreaking separation! “I remember when I was 11, being in the car with them and they said ‘We can’t live together anymore,’” Beatrice told the NY Post, adding, “My heart just crumbled. It was the worst moment of my life.” Beatrice Still Lives With Her Two Mothers – In the Same House Two years after that bad news, both of her mothers have not moved out of the four bedroom New Jersey home they share with Beatrice and her 10-year-old adopted Vietnamese twin sisters. “Normally when parents are divorced they don’t live together,” she said, adding, “Sometimes when they are in a huge fight I feel like I have to take responsibility for [twins Esther and Georgia]. It is just really difficult at home, and it has been for a really, really long time.” Leave it to singing as her last resort to step away from the uneasiness of life at home and actually be a tool to help her family dynamic. “My parents don’t really have time to fight about anything, all they really have time to do is make sure I am out there doing what I need to do.” Pretty tough situation, but Beatrice is clearly a pretty tough girl. We think she is handling everything the best she possibly can with the current situation.

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