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Why Minsha Manisha Koirala angry

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October 8, 2012


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The Subhash Ghai discovery who ruled for more than a decade and was almost tipped to be the number one heroine at one time, is maha disturbed with the recent media reports. Find out why

angryOf late, the Dil Se actor has been joyfully promoting her first full-fledged horror flick Bhoot Returns directed by Ram Gopal Varma. She’s happy the way the film has shaped up, and being the professional that she is, Manisha wants to create the right kind of buzz around the film.

But what has been troubling Manisha constantly is that every time she does a movie, she feels disheartened with the media reports that say that it’s her comeback film (she was last seen in a pivotal role in Onir’s I Am, released in 2010 which also won National award for the Best Hindi film). Just two days back, Manisha did a couple of channel and print interviews where she was pertinently asked questions centered on her comeback more than her film. And that really seemed to piss her off.

Bhoot Returns is not a comeback,” she said agitatedly explaining, “I like cinema and love acting, but I have other commitments too. I feel bad for the people including the media because they expect me to be back in full form, which cannot happen now. I will not do a bad film intentionally. I do not have the energy that I had 20 years back and also that kind of drive. Earlier, it was nothing but acting, but now my interest varies.”

We understand what you mean and sympathise with you, Manisha. But kya karein? Public memory is very fickle. You either have to do good films consistently or take complete sanyas from Bollywood. Right readers?

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