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Well, at least something good is coming out of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s reunion! | Pattinson’s reunion!

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November 2, 2012


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Pattinson’s reunion!Sounds like the lovers have both decided to get healthy together!

Not only has R-Patz decided to quit smoking, but now KStew is slowly but surely weaning herself off the cancer sticks!!!

Reportedly, Rob is a huge reason for Kristen’s cig-free decision, as she wants to support her man and kick the habit completely!

An insider revealed:

“Kristen and Rob used to smoke cigarettes together all the time but they know how crappy it made them feel. Kristen doesn’t like smoking that electronic cigarette, so she just altogether quit.”

Ditching the cigs also seems to be having a positive impact on Kristen’s confidence, as a close friend stated:

“Kristen realized that her smoking was getting out of hand. On movie sets, it’s really tempting to smoke a lot while waiting and there is so much waiting and down time. Kristen feels really good about herself since quitting.”

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