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Vivek Oberoi has a new admirer – Naomi Watts! | new admire

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December 30, 2012


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Vivek Oberoi now has a new admirer! – Hollywood actress Naomi Watts!

new admireNo! She hasn’t watched his movies! But, she is impressed with the social work that the actor carried out way back in 2004 in the tsunami hit region of Thevanapattinam in Tamil Nadu. According to reliable sources, the actress sent him a letter commending him for the work. Supposedly, Naomi was deeply moved when she heard that Vivek has been involved in providing welfare for those affected and in the letter has appreciated his contribution towards rehabilitating the tsunami hit families in the Indian sub-continent.

The actress, who portrayed the role of a tsunami victim in her film The Impossible wrote that it was while shooting for the film that she “came close to realising the grief and pain the affected families must have gone through when the 2004 Tsunami hit their shores… I can only imagine how tough it must have been for people like Maria Belon (on whom the film is based), who actually survived the devastation, to move forward”. Appreciating Vivek’s work there, she wrote, “It takes a lot of courage and immense devotion to be able to take up such a responsibility on one’s shoulders… As a celebrity it is important for us to realise that we can act as catalysts for change but unfortunately few take any real measures. Your effort to bridge this gap deserves appreciation from all quarters. I salute you on behalf of the entire team of The Impossible for adopting Thevanapattinam and providing relief work to the Tsunami victims.”

Vivek revealed that he was deeply moved by the letter and said, “To be honest, I was quite surprised that an international star like Naomi Watts knows about the work I did in Thevanapattinam. After the initial surprise, I was very happy and touched. It was a nice feeling.”

Present at a recent event, Vivek also spoke about the recent incident involving a Delhi girl who was brutally gang-raped and succumbed to injuries after nearly two weeks of suffering. The actor insisted that to put a stop to crimes against women, men need to be made sensitive towards them. Vivek also said that it is important to channelise the anger and hurt correctly. “The impact should be tangible,” he added.

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