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Vidya Balan Phobia cat

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September 30, 2012


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We know that some people are scared of animals. But Vidya Balan’s terrifying phobia towards cats recently managed to amuse the entire crew of a magazine photo-shoot that she was doing.

Phobia catAccording to sources, it seemed like a perfect day for Vidya who was busy doing a cover shoot for a glossy magazine. When it was lunch break, she got inside her van to have her food. Since the lunch outside consisted of non-vegetarian food, the neighbourhood cats had all gathered there. Vidya, who had no clue about it, got out of her van after her lunch. However the moment she spotted the cats, she was terrified and immediately stood on the chair! She was so scared that she started requesting people around to get rid of the cats.

Vidya, it turned out, suffers from a cat phobia and despite people around telling her that they were harmless, the actress wasn’t pacified. In fact, she is said to have snapped at someone and told him to take them home if he loved cats so much! She later managed to sneak into her van and refused to come out till all the cats had disappeared. Sources believe the actress is so scared of the feline creatures that she refuses to even talk about them. We guess, Vidya will never agree to play the catwoman.

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