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Tom Cruise Has Wild Nights With Secret Girlfriend, | Girlfriend,

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December 27, 2012


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Just six short months after his divorce from Katie Holmes, Tom was allegedly spotted dancing the night away with a 26 year-old brunette from New York City!

Girlfriend,After dining with friends on Dec. 18 at a fine restaurant in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Beauty & Essex, Tom Cruise reportedly called the restaurant to ask out the pretty manager Cynthia Jorge, who slipped him her business card prior to his departure. Tom boldly followed up the silent invitation.

Within 24 hours of reaching out to her, the two were spotted out with friends at Le Baron nightclub in NYC, where they were seen turning it up on the dance floor and enjoying each other’s company. Tom was said to be wooed by the new girl, twirling her and even doing the salsa together — that was until they started to turn the PG dancing up a few notches as they began to dip and grind on each other.

In Touch reported that, “It was straight out of Dirty Dancing. Tom seemed to be in his own world, completely smitten.”

Being a gentleman, Tom made sure Cynthia made it back to her Queens residence safe and sound by setting her up with car service at the back entrance of the club. From the looks of it, the night turned out to be a success. So who knows if we will see a second date come about from these two.

Maybe this time around, Tom will have better luck trying to date someone outside of the industry. Ex-wife Katie Holmes has not yet been linked to anyone new since their divorce.

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