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November 20, 2012


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Games’We all know ‘The Hunger Games’ was a hit, and we are expecting ‘The Hobbit’ to be just as big. But what we didn’t expect was the increase in names pulled from the two Hollywood blockbusters! According to the Daily Mail, Nameberry predicts that names like Augustus, Flavius and Thor will be top picks for 2013 baby names. Would YOU name your child after a fictional character? With the upcoming installment from The Hunger Games and The Hobbit trilogies, we can also expect more baby names being pulled from characters in the two movies. Besides taking the names of characters from Hollywood blockbusters, a new trend being predicted is an influx of names that are pulled from seasons, nature and celebrities. Daily Mail also reports that parents are expected to spend more time thinking about their child’s middle name as Nameberry reveals that new parents are beginning to use any word with personal significance, taking the tradition to “new heights of quirkiness and creativity.

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