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Tabu in Mumbai

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November 1, 2012


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TabuBack in the news after a long time, Tabu is busy promoting her new Ang Lee film, ‘Life of Pi’. But she’s also busy explaining to people that she lives right here in Mumbai! The popular notion is that the National Award winning actress had shifted base to Hyderabad altogether for two reasons – Nagarjuna and her Telugu films!

However, the misconception that Nagarjuna and Tabu were together was cleared at Amitabh Bachchan’s 70th birthday bash last month. The Telugu superstar came with wife Aamla and sources say he and Tabu totally ignored each other.

This led people to believe that Tabu is now back in Mumbai for good. But the actress cleared the air recently. “People keep asking me, ‘Oh, you’ve come all the way from Hyderabad for this party?’ ‘Will you be back in Hyderabad tonight?’ I’m so tired answering these questions that I want to strangle the people who ask them!”

She further insists that it became tiring to live in her swanky bungalow in Hyderabad all alone and has been back in Mumbai for the last two years. “I was thoroughly bored living there. After living in an apartment (in Mumbai) for so long, too much space gets boring,” she laughs.

Notice, no mention of a tall, dark, handsome South Indian hero at all!

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