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Soha Ali Khan finally shares screen space with Sharmila Tagore

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December 23, 2012


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The actor recalls a time when she was jealous of her brother and actor Saif Ali Khan for having worked with their mother in films. But not anymore

Soha AliSoha Ali Khan shares screen space with her mother, legendary actor Sharmila Tagore, in an offbeat film, Life Goes On.

Saif and Sharmila have worked together in films like Aashiq Awara and Eklavya: The Royal Guard. “Yes, I wanted to be a part of my mother’s filmography… I was jealous of my brother as he has worked with my mother in the past,” said Soha at the launch of the DVD of Life Goes On.

Not that she never had the opportunity before this to work with Sharmila. “We have been asked to do films together, my mother and I… (but) it never felt right before and there was no real reason for a real life mother and daughter in a film before this,” said Soha.

But when she read the script of Life Goes On she “felt this was the film that I would like to do. Yes, I wanted to be a part of my mother’s filmography”, said the star best known for her award winning role in the 2006 Aamir Khan hit Rang de Basanti.

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