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Singer Mika Singh, who is due to perform in Dubai

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November 1, 2012


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Find out why the superstar has been bonding with the singer

in Dubai 

Mika Singh

Singer Mika Singh, who is due to perform in Dubai soon, has plenty of reasons to cheer. He is currently on a tour in the US where his shows have run to packed houses. To top it all, he has received a special gift from none other than superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

A tabloid reports that the two recently met at a studio in Andheri and hit it off instantly over a common love for films and music. When the actor learnt that the singer is hooked to gaming consoles, he tweeted that he would gift Singh one.

Predictably, Mika is over the moon and can’t wait to lay his hands on the gift. He says, “I am a hardcore gaming freak. SRK will gift me the gaming console once I return from the US.”

Mika has been holed up in Washington, DC for over two days. His group and he were to air-dash to Las Vegas but was compelled to stay put because of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, none of his shows were cancelled. “I feared my shows in Washington would turn out to be flops because of the weather. But nothing like that happened. I was surprised to see a packed house. I was moved by the audience’s gesture — they even sang our national anthem,” says an excited Mika.

in Dubai

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