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Shahrukh Khan looking good as the bad boy?

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December 4, 2012


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The actor is seen showing kickass attitude on the cover of Le City Deluxe magazine. And we must confess that Mr Khan looks amazing in that devil-may-care pose

bad boyShahrukh Khan is looking super interesting in the December issue of Le City Deluxe magazine. The actor has managed to create a fabulous fusion of sophisticated style statement and a rugged avatar.Khan looks extremely suave in a suit. The stubble on the other hand makes him look very raw and edgy, and as he keeps the first two or three buttons of his shirts undone, SRaK manages to look like an absolute star.

The pictures supporting the main cover bring the actor’s badass side to the fore. He is seen lighting his cigarette with great style, and the aviators make him look sinister in a very stylish way. His overall looks are a cool mixture of his many stylish avatars in Don and Don 2. This is a visual treat for SRK fans, see and drool!

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