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Shahrukh Khan look older with a beard?

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September 10, 2012


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For Yash Raj Films’ as yet untitled movie, SRK has been flaunting a beard as Captain Samar. But does that work in his favour – off-screen, that is?

Shahrukh KhanWe oohhed and aahhed over Shahrukh Khan’s look in khaaki after his pics from Kashmir surfaced. And look what we spotted – SRK bearding it up in casuals! But does it suit him?

Well, not as much as it did with the uniform, but wethinks he doesn’t look too bad like this either. Don’t you agree? And guess it’s mostly because the baadshah is – for a change – looking different.

Why, after watching the Khan in a clean-shaven look for many years, when we came across his stubbled look in Chak De, we did like it. And that’s what we’re reminded of when we look at SRK now. Only difference is that the beard is a tad bit more full now.

Even so, we hear hushed whispers about the King Khan looking older with the face fuzz. Do you think that’s true?

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