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Shahrukh Khan dedicates birthday to dad! | to dad!

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November 4, 2012


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As the King Khan celebrated his 47th birthday yesterday, the Badshah got nostalgic sharing memories of his dad with the gathered media in his home Mannat.

to dad!With each birthday, his body and his spirit give him all the enthusiasm and excitement to celebrate the occasion like any young school boy would like his birthday to be celebrated. He has never lost touch with his father even though he lost him when he was very young. He loses no opportunity to talk about the time he spent with his father and the advice his father gave him from time to time.

In a voice choked with emotion, he remembered the last days of his father and how the father and son used to communicate through writing to each other (his father was unable to speak). “I was 12 when I lost my father who suffered from Cancer. During his last days, he couldn’t speak, and so we used to communicate through writing on piece of paper to each other. I have some of his writings with me which are like guidelines in my life. They will always be precious to me till the very end,” he said as he made his guests go into moments when their eyes turned misty.

Shahrukh have lost no opportunity to remember his past which was a time when he didn’t have a very good life, but he always had the aim to make it big if only to fulfill the dreams of his father and of course his mother who he always says brought him up the hard way.

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