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Salman Khan will celebrate his birthday

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December 14, 2012


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Salman Khan, who was charged in 2002 in a hit and run case, has been summoned by the additional chief metropolitan magistrate of the Mumbai court to appear in the court on 27 December. Salman Khan’s birthday is also on the same day.

his birthdayIn 2002, his SUV had run over five people, wherein one passed away and four succumbed to injuries.

When Salman was recently asked about his birthday plans, he said: “I have no birthday plans. But yes, a party will be thrown. Also, since I have been asked to appear in the court, I will be doing that as well. However, if my lawyer asks me not to go, I won’t.”

Santosh Daundkar, a social worker, hit the headlines when he filed an application to the magistrate court in Mumbai stating that false evidence were used to shield Salman and delay the case by about four-five years.

Santosh has filed his application via his lawyer Abha Singh. He even stated that the case worked in the star’s favor as doctors who weren’t linked with the case appeared as witnesses for the actor.

The application stated, “The police could never be so naive so as to not know as to who were the actual doctors who had examined the injured persons in the matter.” It also states that “During the intervening period, the accused Salman Khan assimilated an enormous pecuniary benefit where he conducted his roaring business in films.”

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