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Romain Dauriac: Dating Scarlett Johansson?

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November 20, 2012


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Scarlett Johansson recently broke up with Nate Naylor after a year together.

Johansson?Now the 27-year-old Hitchcock actress has reportedly moved on already.

Her new rumored man? French journalist Romain Dauriac:

The New York Post reports that the pair were “lovey-dovey and holding hands under the table all night” while at the Beatrice Inn last Thursday night.


“They were holding each other while smoking in the cold,” adds an insider.

Romain Dauriac is the former editor of downtown French rag Complex, and evidently met ScarJo through Fuzi Uvtpk, her French tattoo artist friend.

Uvtpk recently bequeathed Johnasson with a “Lucky You” tattoo on her ribcage. We have no idea what that signifies, but she got it, and then met Romain.

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