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Robert Pattinson: Spotted! Rocking Out! | Rocking Out!

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October 2, 2012


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We now have the answer, as  Robert Pattinson was spotted at the The Black Keys concert at The Sayers Club in Hollywood on Sunday.

Rocking Out!

Arriving around 9 p.m. and wearing a simple blue button-down and a backward baseball cap, Robert “had a smile plastered across his face during the entire show,” a witness tells People, adding:

“He bobbed his head to almost every song. When he wasn’t rocking out he sipped on beer and spent time texting.”

To Kristen Stewart?!? Perhaps.

Pattinson stuck around until the end of the show and then remained at the club, enjoying drinks and posing for photos with 98.7 deejay Kennedy.

“Pattinson seemed amused by her and was laughing a lot throughout their conversation,” the source says.

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