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Revenge’ Season Premiere Recap: Is Victoria Grayson Really Dead?

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October 1, 2012


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Really Dead?So many huge secrets were revealed on the second season premiere — and Emily’s still ‘just getting started!’ The Sept. 30 season premiere started off in true Revenge fashion: with a flash forward! “The Amanda” was seen sinking to the bottom of the ocean due to a fire or an explosion — in other words, it was no accident. But Jack’s (Nick Wechsler) beloved boat wasn’t the only thing discovered underwater. An unidentified body was also found nearby! During a training-session-gone-wrong in Japan, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) was engulfed by ocean waves while tied to a wooden post. (Yes, everyone can now take a breather after watching this scene in the promos. It was just a test!) As she began to lose consciousness, another one of Takeda’s trainees swam to her rescue — but as it turned out, Emily had been unlocking memories of her mother (who is alive!) and she wasn’t very grateful that he saved her. Back in the Hamptons, not many people other than Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) — who has allegedly been sober for months after an overdose — seemed concerned that Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) died in a plane explosion. Conrad (Henry Czerny) should have been trying harder to cover his tracks, but unsurprisingly, his only concern was money. While others were celebrating Victoria’s memory with an art auction, Conrad was busy plotting to take control of Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Charlotte’s inheritances. And speaking of Daniel, he spent most of the premiere drinking his memories of his mother — and Emily — away. He seems to have gotten over Emily pretty quickly, though, because he’s now dating Ashley (Ashley Madekwe)! Meanwhile, Jack was seen sporting the long-haired scruffy look, while Amanda seems to have gotten even bigger — if that’s possible — as the birth of her baby draws near. Despite his initial excitement, Jack started to question his love for Amanda… and if the baby was even his. After recalling key memories of her mother, Emily discovered that a hospital where her mother once resided had been shut down around the same time that father, David Clarke (James Tupper), was arrested. With the help of her sidekick, Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), Emily found that Victoria actually visited her mother the week David was arrested! Did Victoria have Emily’s mother locked away so she could be with David? In typical Conrad form, he hired Charlotte’s drug counselor specifically to keep his daughter under lock and key — and as far away from her inheritance as possible. But before she was taken away for failing a drug test, which was set up by her father, Charlotte revealed the biggest secret of all to Emily: Victoria is alive and being protected by the government until a case can be built against Conrad! Emily took matters into her own hands, hiding a camera in Victoria’s home, only to discover that she and the white-haired man had been working together all along! These two were responsible for what happened to both of Emily’s parents, and now… they’re coming for Emily! Whose ready for an epic showdown in the Hamptons? What did you think of Revenge‘s season premiere? Were you surprised to learn that Victoria is still alive? And which Hamptons hottie looked better stripped down: Nolan or Jack? Drop us a comment with your personal review of the premiere!

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