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‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily & Aiden’s Secret | ‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily

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November 26, 2012


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‘Revenge’ Recap: EmilyThanksgiving: A time for revenge, humiliation — and murder! The Nov. 25 episode of Revenge flashed back to Thanksgiving 2006, when Emily (Emily VanCamp) first planned her revenge on the Graysons, and when Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) mother Marion took the crown for biggest b***h in town. But before taking action against her worst enemies, Emily completed a risky mission for Takeda — and gained an ally. Posing as a prostitute, Emily set the groundwork for Takeda to eliminate a man involved in sex trafficking, which is where she met Aiden (Barry Sloane) for the the first time. After he was captured by Dimitri, the man who took his sister, Emily tried to rescue Aiden, but both were caught and held at gunpoint. In true Emily fashion, she kicked some serious butt — in heels, might I add — and everyone managed to escape, except Dimitri, who Aiden shot in cold blood! Back at NolCorp, half a billion dollars disappeared from the company, and Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) boyfriend Marco refused to accept Nolan’s lies about where the money had gone. Even though he tried to do what was right and give the money to Amanda, Nolan lost someone important to him, as well as someone with a score of his own to settle! Meanwhile at the Stowaway, Jack’s (Nick Weschler) father dug himself farther into debt, and we discovered his secret: his friend shot a man who had been looking to collect his money! The Grayson family Thanksgiving table was complete with a turkey and all the fixings, but the family love was no where to be found. Another flashback to Thanksgiving-past revealed that when Marion’s husband threatened to leave, she coaxed Victoria to shoot him and take the blame since no jury would ever convict her. (Not to mention that Marion chose a pedophile over her own daughter, who she threw out of the house.) Victoria said it perfectly when she told her mother she learned from the best, because everything was a set-up! Victoria paid the new man her mother invited for Thanksgiving, set up their meeting on a cruise and even acted like they didn’t know him at the Grayson holiday dinner — only to ruin her mother’s life just like she’d ruined hers. The title of the show becomes more appropriate with every episode. Flash forward to present day: Aiden has taken Daniel’s (Joshua Bowman) place in Emily’s — scratch that, Amanda‘s — bed; Daniel sneakily called Marco, Nolan’s ex-boyfriend and NolCorp employee; and the Graysons planned to keep Daniel away from Grayson Global… for his own safety.

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