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Q&A: J.A. Bayona Wanted to Create ‘An Emotional Journey’ with ‘The Impossible’ | Q&A: J.A.

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December 22, 2012


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Q&A: J.A.The makers of The Orphanage, Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona, screenwriter Sergio Sanchez, and producer Belen Atienza have teamed up again for The Impossible, the incredible true story of one family’s fight to survive and find one another during the horrific Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004. Starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, The Impossibleopens December 21st in theaters and they would be smart to start stocking tissues now. The film is a legitimate tearjerker.

We spoke with Bayona, Sanchez, and Atienza about The Impossible; how they heard about the story; making the film’s incredible water sequences; and whether or not they think they have any shot come Oscar time next year.

Zimbio: You guys made me cry. You did it, you got to me. Juan, could you talk a little bit about your regard for the audience when you’re making a movie?
Juan Antonio Bayona: Yeah, sure. As a director, I got to the point where I realized that it had to be, the whole film itself, an emotional journey since, in telling the story of these people, we realized there was no time to think about what was happening. Everything happened so fast it had to be very very emotional. There were moments of emotion, anguish, tension, release, so it had to be an intense emotional journey in order to put the audience into the action all the time.

Was your goal to have the audience experience what the characters onscreen are experiencing?
Bayona: Yeah sure, but not just what the characters are feeling but also what we felt in doing the film. We were very close to all the people portrayed in the film, especially the family, and also some survivors, some people who had come in contact with the tragedy, so what we did was (we) put what we saw, the emotion we felt in talking to them and knowing about their stories, to put that on the screen to let the audience be a part of it also.

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