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Niall Horan Doesn’t Want To Date Selena Gomez

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December 25, 2012


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Fans who want Selena to date One Direction-er Niall Horan, may want to hold their breath. According to a new report, Niall would never date Selena — even if she were single.

Selena GomezSelena Gomez is currently involved in a tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber. They’ve broken up a number of times over the past couple of months and some fans are ready to see her with a new man. Unfortunately, it won’t be Niall Horan.

“Niall and Selena are friendly with each other, but they don’t want to date each other. They’re not attracted to each other. And if they were attracted to each other (but they’re not), Niall wouldn’t want to hurt his friendship with Justin by dating Selena. Niall still has a crush on Demi Lovato, who’s been Selena’s friend for a long time. He wouldn’t ruin his chances with Demi by dating Selena,” a source tells SugarScape.

It’s too bad that Niall feels that way because a source tells that Selena may follow Taylor Swift’s lead and date a One Direction member if her relationship with Justin falls through.

“She has seen what has happened with her friend Taylor and how dating Harry is getting her to get over her relationship with Conor, Selena has said that she wants to start dating someone else to see if there is something better out there,” our source tells us.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if Selena had a double date with Taylor and any of the single One Direction kids if she doesn’t get back with Justin.”

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