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October 19, 2012


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This movie shows the journey of the students of St.Terresa along the “Student of the Year” competition where even best friends turn against each other and relationships turn sour.

StudentThe story is narrated by 4 friends who meet at the death bed of their beloved dean, 10 years after school ended. They are reminiscent of how the coveted ‘Student of the Year’ competition at their school St.Terresa, changed their relationships and life. This was nothing short of a live-or-die competition for the students of St.Teressa.

Rohan Nanda (Varun Dhawan) a filthy rich boy, is the hero of his school who every girl is crazy about. He is touted as the most well deserved and obvious choice for the ‘’Student of the year Award’’.

Shanaya Singhania (Alia Bhatt) is a love starved, rich brat whose life revolves around designer bags and fancy dresses. Shanaya and Rohan are the perfect couple, who everyone looks up to.

Enter Abhimanyu (Siddarth Malhotra ), a charming and handsome young lad, who changes the dynamics completely. He is an over achiever and an all rounder, whose only aim is to win the “Student of the Year Award” which will get him a fully-funded entry into an Ivy League College. He is seen as a very strong competition for Rohan. Rohan and Abhimanyu start as enemies but become best buddies. There is constant tension amongst them, as they love the same woman, Shanaya.

If Karan Johar’s idea of school life was real, no kid would ever want to miss school. The school campus is unbelievably grand, pretty girls come to school dressed in short corset dresses, handsome hunks drive-in in fancy cars and the kids indulge in romance, singing, dancing and every other non-academic activity.

All the three new comers have done a commendable job and portrayed their characters with ease. Ram kapoor plays the role of the rich arrogant business tycoon to perfection. His complex relationship with his son, Rohan is very well potrayed. Rishi Kapoor is brilliant as the comical homosexual dean, who lusts over John Abraham and has the hots for the school’s football coach (Ronit Roy).

The movie is all about glamour, friendship, love and larger than life sets. The story isn’t all that bad, but hasn’t got anything much that’s unpredictable, either. Some scenes will definately remind you of ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. It has a few good laughs. Watch it for Rishi Kapoor and
the new comers.

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