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“Manisha Koirala Is A Very Strong Person” | “Manisha Koirala

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December 4, 2012


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“Manisha KoiralaAfter spending three days in Mumbai’s Jaslok hospital, Bollywood actress Manish Koirala is going to the US for further tests and treatment. When she was treated by the hospital’s head onco-surgeon, Dr Suresh Advani, rumors of her having been diagnosed with cancer began floating around.

Mandira Koirala, the actor’s sister-in-law, has explained that the family is working things out. “We are planning to go to the United States. We haven’t decided on the hospital yet. The family is still trying to figure things out,” she said. But the family is still quiet on what is troubling Manisha’s health.

She even left the hospital with strict instructions to keep her reports confidential. Dr (Col.) R R Pulgaonkar, the hospital’s CEO said in a recent interview, “Manisha is fine. She is a human and can fall sick. We have to respect the privacy of our patients. She was treated but I can’t reveal details. It is not right to speculate.”

Friends and family are still dealing with the news of her illness. But they are confident of her fighting spirit. Speaking to, Manisha’s Designer friend Shaahid Amir said, “Manisha is a very strong person. She has taken the news about her health bravely and I am confident that she will fight it out.”

Another close friend of the actress revealed that after the death of friend Mona Kapoor and Ashok Mehta, she was worried for her own health. “Manisha told me she was apprehensive about her own health. ‘I better have myself thoroughly checked’,” the friend has said.

The actress reportedly left for US on late Saturday evening, after being discharged on Friday morning last week. Currently her mother Sushma and brother Siddhartha are taking care of her and her father Prakash Koirala, a prominent politician in Nepal, is about to join them in a few days.

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