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Mallika Sherawat has led an interesting life, to say the least

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October 4, 2012


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say the leastMallika Sherawat has led an interesting life, to say the least. From being a pilot’s coy housewife, to making a debut with 17 kisses in ‘Khwahish’ to harbouring Hollywood dreams, she has come a long way and not without some adventures on the way. The buzz is that Mallika Sherawat has been approached by a publishing house to pen down her memoirs. And according to sources, Mallika is more than tempted to indulge in a no holds barred account of her life and her tryst with Bollywood and Hollywood!

According to a friend of the actor, if Mallika plans to write, she will obviously not be diplomatic. When asked, Mallika confirmed that she has received an offer but is still in two minds if she should go ahead and write it, at this juncture in her career. She is also worried that there is too much spice in her life to lay it bare for everyone to read! But she insisted that if she decides to write it at all, it will an honest account of her life.

We can already see her fans (read eager male audience) waiting for a movie to be made on her biography. Perhaps that way she will earn some credibility in the industry!

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