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Mallika Sherawat Back Up

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September 28, 2012


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Mallika Sherawat always wanted to be more than a Bollywood actress. She tried her luck with Hollywood films and relationships (read Antonio Banderas), but looks like she has to think of some practical plans for the future now. The lady plans to open vegan restaurants across the country.

Back UpThe vegan restaurant idea, the actress insists, is to get everyone to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. And trust Mallika to take the healthy lifestyle to new heights, at the expense of other people. Mallika visited a Ganapati pandal recently with Vivek Oberoi, her co-star in their upcoming film, Kismet Love Paisa Dilli (KLPD). The actors were out promoting their film and here’s what happened once they were in the pandal. The actress refused to accept the regular prasad of modaks and demanded that they get her diet modaks! Even as the organisers were running helter skelter to arrange for the diet modaks at the last moment for the diva, she continued her sermon on healthy eating.

She said, “Today everything is a chemical laden trash, even milk is not healthy these days therefore we must take extra care of what we consume.”
A good point indeed. But being inconsiderate with your demands is not very healthy either, Mallika

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