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Kristen Stewart She Has Bella’s Wedding Ring

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September 22, 2012


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Wedding RingIn a new interview, Kristen admits that she took home some very special souvenirs from her days on set filming the ‘Twilight’ movies. Find out everything she took in these new quotes! Kristen Stewart spent a few difficult months away from Robert Pattinson after news broke that she had cheated on him, but it sounds like she had something to help her stay strong during their separation — a symbol of their love. Or, their Twilight characters’ love, at least. In a new interview, Kristen admits that she took Bella’s wedding ring from Breaking Dawn: Part 1 home with her! Kristen, 22, talked to author Talia Soghomonian about the sentimental souvenirs she swiped from set. “I took all of her rings and stuff. I have all the bracelets, the wedding ring. I think I have a fake one, actually. I don’t think I have the real one. And I love how I don’t even know that. It’s probably sitting in some baggie somewhere, like a really big diamond.” It’s so sweet that Kristen kept the wedding ring. We just hope it isn’t the real one! The full interview will run in Talia’s new eBook, titled Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner — In Their Own Words.

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