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Kristen Stewart on Vampire Sex: Awful!

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November 5, 2012


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Not only is Kristen Stewart likely having sex with Robert Pattinson again in real life, the actress pretends to do the actor in a key scene from Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Hot, right?!? Not so much, Stewart says…


Kristen opened up to E! News this week about Bella’s post-transformation love scenes with Edward and described them as more technical than titillating.


“[The director] Bill [Condon] kept saying that he wanted to make this one feel like you’re very much inside of the experience,” Stewart explained. “Like you’re there, you’re sort of a part of it, which is odd. But to do that we had to look directly into the camera instead of at each other.”

Still, it couldn’t have been that bad… right?

“It was awful!” she joked. “I was like, ‘Bill, you’re depriving me of this experience. We’ve been waiting for vampire sex! What are you doing?!?'”

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