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November 14, 2012


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KATY Perry has reportedly fallen hard and fast for boyfriend John Mayer.

JOHN MAYER’Katy –  who divorced British comedianRussell Brand in December 2011 after 14 months of marriage  –  was spotted being very affectionate with Mayer at a bash this past weekend.

“John had his hand on Katy’s back a lot, and they were kissing and holding hands,” a source said.

Recent reports claimed Katy’s friends and family were concerned her relationship with John would end in disaster.

“Katy’s friends and family haven’t taken to John at all, in fact they are worried that she is headed for heartbreak,” a source reveals. “She’s been telling everybody who cares to listen how great John is and it’s clear that she is totally in love with him.

“At first, she was quite careful with John and said she wasn’t ready for a relationship and just wanted to have fun. But now she appears to have fallen dangerously in love with him and her friends are concerned.

“Despite the fiery image Katy likes to present, she’s actually more fragile than that, and when John dumped her a few weeks after they first got together she was devastated.

“Now that she has invested more feelings in John and has let her guard down, there’s only one way this can end… in disaster!”

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