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Kangna Ranaut looking for attention?

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November 7, 2012


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The scene at the recent fashion show where the fashionista walked the ramp for designer Gavin Miguel made us wonder…

attention?It was that classic nightmare that every model on the high fashion ramp has – as she slinked down the catwalk, photographers crowded and clamoured to get the best angle, flashbulbs popped madly and the titters gradually grew louder. It was a high profile fashion show and Kangna Ranaut was the showstopper.

Dressed in a white Gavin Miguel creation – was it a dress? A glorified swimsuit? An attention magnet? – the Tanu Weds Manu actor managed to keep her composure as every photo-lens in the venue focused on her bottom, oh-so-delectably exposed in the semi-transparent white-banded skirt designed by Miguel. Whether it was a deliberate peekaboo of Ms Ranaut’s behind in a thong or an oops moment of an unfixed wedgie we are not sure, but at least it was a toned posterior that was so delicately veiled with the sheer fabric. And the brouhaha followed, where the designer was fervently defending the…err…virtue of his muse has already been headlined.

But what is more interesting is that the lady with the delightful rear that we have all now seen has now been voted the Best Dressed Personality of India by People magazine. This is hardly surprising, since Kangna is known for her style choices and knowledge of trend and fashion. But we cannot help wondering, with our claws out, of course, whether it had anything to do with those glimpses of her now-hugely-popular bottom….

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