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Just drop us a mail with your nomination for this year’s edition

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September 9, 2012


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The countdown for the biggest awards night of the UAE has begun. The Masala! Awards 2012, in its fifth year is bigger, better and more exciting than ever before. As always all eyes are on our Popular Choice Categories as it’s YOU, the reader who has the power to make or break a winner. So start voting now!

nominationHowever if you do not find your favourite RJ or restaurant or TV presenter in our list of nominations, worry not. You can make them win by sending us a mail requesting their nominations. If the person you selected gets enough requests from other readers as well, we will include the name in the list!

All you have to do is to send us an email with why you think the person or place should be nominated to So go through the list and help your idol win the coveted award.
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