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John Abraham’s Girlfriend Couldn’t Believe He’s Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ | Man Alive’

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November 29, 2012


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We spotted the super sexy star dressed in the classic blue jeans white shirt combo, dishing about the juicy details of being named the Sexiest Man Alive by ‘People’ mag. Also seen at the event was Saira Menezes, Editor People Magazine.

Man Alive’John also was candid enough to reveal his girlfriend Priya Runchal’s first reaction to this title. He said that her initial reaction was one of disbelief. But she quickly it up with a flattering compliment.

He revealed, “She said, ‘Are you serious they gave it to you this year? You should have been getting it every year!’ I think that’s the best compliment I got,” the 39-year-old said here Wednesday while unveiling the magazine’s cover.

He also added that it feels nice to have such a supportive, appreciative girlfriend like Priya. “I asked her (how she feels about it), and she said ‘Oh, that’s good.’ That is it, she is very reserved and answers very limited. Well, I am sure she is very happy. It is nice to be appreciated for your work and when your partner is appreciative, I think it is very special,” he said.

The hunky star also got talking about his upcoming release, ‘Race 2’. John said he was back in a similar avatar that he sported in ‘Dhoom’.

“After ‘Dhoom’, ‘Race 2′ is the first film I have done in a similar space. John Abraham is back in ‘Race 2′ exactly like the Kabir in ‘Dhoom’,” he said.John has also dabbled in production this year, with ‘Vicky Donor’, and is willing to produce a movie like ‘Race’ but admits his productions are quite different from the usual films.

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