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Jennifer Lopez: Living, Loving & Dancing Again | Loving & Dancing

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December 13, 2012


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Jennifer Lopez sings about getting back on her feet in her sensational Dance Again tour. Now, she speaks about it plus what attracted her to boyfriend Beau Casper Smart, 25 and much more. Read our EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller!

Loving & DancingJennifer Lopez plunks herself down on a chair in the hallway of the Istanbul stadium where she’s just spent an hour and a half singing, dancing and mesmerizing 12,000 screaming, adoring fans. She’s just completed date 37 on her six month, 55-date  ’Dance Again’ World Tour.

But right now, she’s out of her sexy, skintight rhinestone-studded costumes designed by  renowned designer Zuhair Murad. Instead, she’s in sweatpants, black rhinestone high tops, a crocheted cape and big sunglasses with her long hair spilling out — of course looking just as young and gorgeous at 43, as she did up on stage just a half hour before.

But what’s so unexpected is that she’s just patiently waiting outside a room where boyfriend of over a year, 25-year-old Casper Smart is doing a short press interview.

While the minutes go by, she chats about how there have been so many men in the crowd at her three Istanbul shows, and how much they respond during her show. She likes the idea that they are there supporting the women they love. “I think I became part of their history, too. The songs were part of their lives,” she reflects.

But then Casper emerges also in his sweats — he danced throughout the show, and she holds her hand out to him. “Come on, Papi,” she says softly, perfectly happy that he has just had a moment in the spotlight.

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