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Jef Holm Don’t Tell All About Emily Maynard

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October 25, 2012


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Jef HolmJef is on the verge of giving a tell-all interview about what went wrong in his relationship with Emily, according to a new report. I think that would be terribly cruel and childish of him. Read on to find out why! Jef Holm and Emily Maynard announced that they were calling off their engagement on Wednesday, Oct. 17 and, so far, the two have remained civil in the press about one another. But a new report in Us Weekly claims that Jef is apparently willing to give a tell-all interview about Emily and their relationship — a super childish move, in my opinion! Jef, what kind of a man does something like that? Not one that I know. Crying to the press about how someone did you wrong — no matter how much you may have actually been done wrong — isn’t the sign of an adult. It’s something a teenager would do. If you actually loved Emily, if you have any compassion for her daughter Ricki, don’t let this report be true. Running to the press will not be good for any of you. Show some respect for the love you once shared with Emily. Show some respect for yourself

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