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James Bond Daniel Craig says sorry to Shahrukh Khan! | Shahrukh Khan!

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October 15, 2012


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Shahrukh Khan might be interested in playing James Bond, but Hollywood superstar Daniel Craig managed to bag the desirable role of the secret agent 007 in the soon-to-release Skyfall. But the blue-eyed firangi actor did not forget to wish SRK good luck…

Shahrukh Khan!Shahrukh Khan has been desperate to dial the sexiest number ever – the famous 007! The King Khan has always nurtured the dream of playing James Bond some time in his life. But that dream is not easy to turn true as British actor Daniel Craig, who has portrayed the secret agent in films like Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, is all set to play the gun toting macho character yet again in the forthcoming Bond movie titled Skyfall. In fact, he’s also confirmed that he has signed on the dotted line for two more films as 007.

Daniel knows that Shahrukh is eying the enviable role and he’s also aware of Khan’s incredible popularity. “Yes! ( I know SRK) With some trepidation… Well, the job is taken. Good luck to Shahrukh Khan!” said the blonde actor.

Remember the scene from a previous Bond film in which Daniel is shown emerging from the sparkling blue waters in his sexy swimming trunks? It created such a frenzy – far more than a certain Abraham… John Abraham…managed to with his yellow mini-shorts in Dostana. We think Shahrukh should try doing the bum-deal act in his desi blue chaddis in Don 3 (if they are making that one!), if not in a Bond film. How interesting would that sight be, we wonder!

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