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J.Lo Made Casper Smart Sign A Confidentiality Agreement

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November 2, 2012


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Casper Smart is legally bound to keep his lips zipped or else!

AgreementWhile he’s dating Jennifer Lopez, he also happens to be one of her employees. And like everyone else on her payroll, he had to sign a confidentiality agreement before working with her.

The papers forbid Casper from leaking any information on or off the clock.

But here comes the sweet part. According to a close source:

“Jen has been around long enough to know that anyone she dates could possibly turn on her and choose to go to the press if the relationship sours. Casper had absolutely no qualms about signing the agreement, and has told Jen on multiple occasions that even if he didn’t work for her, he would have signed the contract. Jen loves him even more for that.”

AWW!! Swoon!!

It’s clear he cares for the woman. But this just made things even cuter.

As if their hippie costumes weren’t adorable enough! LOL!

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