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Is Jacqueline Fernandez’s new look inspired?

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November 17, 2012


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Jacqueline Fernandez is gearing up for her upcoming film Race 2. The actress has a new look inspired?haircut for the movie, and damn, she looks hot! well, it’s said that her look for the movie is inspired from Angelina Jolie’s chick haircut in Salt.

A source said: “Jacqueline will be sporting jet black, poker straight hair with a fringe just like Angelina Jolie.”

Jacqueline needed an international look as Race 2 has much more action with sexier girls. And when Jacqueline came up with the idea of Angelina’s look, the stylists were more than happy to oblige.

In her career, Jacqueline has never been seen in fringes. The actress has also worked very hard to loose weight and learn sword fighting for her role. She worked with a Vietnamese trainer for sword fighting. In the film, she will be seen in leather leggings and mostly sleeveless to bra tops. On the first poster, she is seen wearing a long cape, a very smart statement.

And Just like Angelina Jolie’s crazy stunts in Salt, Jacqueline’s character in Race 2 is required to do high octane action scenes. And her perfectly toned body just adds to her X-factor.

Doesn’t Jacqueline Fernandez look HOT with her new look for the film?

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