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Her new item song hasn’t gone down well with her family

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October 19, 2012


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Not many are fans of item numbers and their lewd lyrics; one such person is Sameera Reddy’s big sis Sushma who apparently made her opinions pretty clear to sis, Sam. After viewing the video of Sameera’s item song ‘Kunda khol’ from Prakash Jha’s next, ‘Chakravyuh’, she wasn’t very pleased with what she saw.

familyA source reveals what unfolded afterwards between the two sisters, “Sushma was quite upset with what she saw, especially with the lyrics of the song and poor Sameera who was hoping to hear some great views from her sister was left stunned with her reaction. She in fact tried to justify her work and pacify Sushma but nothing seemed to work. Sushma was hell bent on changing her stance regarding the song and its lyrics despite Sam’s efforts to get her to understand! Finally this turned into a heated argument between the sisters.”

Poor Sushma doesn’t realise that item songs can do so much for an actress who doesn’t get the kind of work she wants to do in this industry. Most item numbers have appalling lyrics and moves but if it’s a hit it keeps you in the limelight.

Nevertheless after a few days, some sense prevailed on Sushma who wasn’t wrong with her views on the song but for the sake of her sister, she had to be supportive. In order to keep rumour mills at bay and not let their so-called fight blow out of proportion, Sushma stated that there was no problem at all. She loved her sister’s dance and look in the song, she said. But she feels that there’s nothing one can expect from an item number, especially when the lyrics are concerned.

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