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Has John Abraham refused Farah Khan’s film?

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November 15, 2012


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Sources say he was unhappy with the role in the movie starring Shah Rukh


Farah Khan’s film?

John Abraham

A leading tabloid reports that John Abraham has declined to be a part of Shah Rukh Khan’s next movie, to be helmed by Farah Khan. Apparently, the actor feels his part is not meaty enough and wants to do more intense roles.

It has been reported that that the actor showed some portions of his new movie ‘Shootout at Wadala’ to SRK where he plays a character inspired by the life of Manya Surve, the Mumbai gangster, who was gunned down in an encounter in 1981.After showing the portion, John told SRK that he was keener to continue playing such intense roles.
Apparently, the actor felt that the part offered to him in the SRK-Farah film was comparatively lighter and not as strong as the ones in his upcoming releases.

Now, SRK and Farah are considering other actors to cast in place of Abraham.

Farah Khan’s film?

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