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November 18, 2012


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HARRY Styles says he hates his hair.

MY HAIR’The One Direction star admits his curly locks are a pain because the get in the way.

“It’s hard because it’s kind of my favorite and also my least favorite thing… my hair!” he said.

“I really like it but sometimes it can get in the way, especially when I’m going for a run. Sometimes it’s a real pain.”

The 18-year-old singer — who has been romantically linked with a string of older women including Caroline Flack andNatalie Imbruglia — admits he prefers the company of older people and thinks he comes across as wiser than his years.

“It’s nice to hang out with people who are maybe in a later stage of what I’m going through right now,” he said.

“Some of my friends who are a bit older tell me that I am [mature]. That’s nice for me.”

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