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Emraan Hashmi – Serial kisser for redy

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October 4, 2012


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The man who could teach advanced classes in kissing recently went back to school to learn how to be a crime journalist for his new movie from veterans in the field

for redyWe never knew Emraan Hashmi was a method actor. If he is, then his career as a successful serial kisser must definitely have come in the way of his merrily married life! But that apart, the Mahesh Bhatt protégé has decided to turn serious, acting wise, as we saw in his recent film, Shanghai.

And now Emraan has gone a step further and is taking acting far more seriously than ever before. This was evident when we heard how the star of so many successful and sex-full movies studied thick books on journalism, and even hobnobbed with veteran crime journalists to prepare for his role as a crime reporter in his next film, Rush. He learned their mannerisms and how they ate, spoke, walked, dressed….the whole shebang!

In Rush Emraan plays a struggling crime reporter whose life changes completely after business tycoon Aditya Pancholi leads him on to take a risky but rewarding assignment. Incidentally, this is the second time this year that Emraan is playing a journalist – he put on the face of one in Shanghai, remember? So what is it with Emraan and the media? Want an online news-gathering job with BollywoodLife, Emmi?

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