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Chris Hemsworth: Kristen Stewart Has A ‘Really Strong Attitude’ | Really Strong Attitude’

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October 5, 2012


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Really Strong Attitude’Kristen is not one to sit on the fence. In fact, she has a ‘really strong attitude,’ Chris tells Metro of his ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ co-star. Kristen Stewart was deemend “impactful” on Variety Women’s Impact List for 2012, and they weren’t the only ones who noticed her impact on the world. Chris Hemsworth tells Metro that Kristen has a “really strong attitude” — especially when it comes to her acting. “It was great, besides when she punched me in the face. That’s a true story. It was pretty painful; that was a big punch. No, it was fantastic. She had a really strong attitude about where her character should go, which is good. You don’t want someone who sits on the fence,” Chris told Metro of Kristen’s role in Snow White and the Huntsman. Chris is just FULL of opinions! When Liam Hemsworth’s big bro was asked for his opinion on Liam’s upcoming wedding to Miley Cyrus at The Avengers premiere, he said, “They’re like 21 or something. I can’t see that happening.” Variety highlighted Kristen’s performance in SWATH as well, saying, “Stewart made the character her own with a steely version of the apple-loving beauty.”

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