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Cameron Diaz on Women: Objectify Us! | Us!

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November 20, 2012


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Recent case in point: her ridiculously hot spread in Esquire UK. Seriously, have you seen these Cameron Diaz photos?!?


But Diaz doesn’t see her scantily-clad magazine shoots as anything special. She’s just like every other female, the actress recently told The Sunday Times.

“I think every woman does want to be objectified,” Diaz said. “There’s a little part of you at all times that hopes to be somewhat objectified, and I think it’s healthy.”


She also thinks it’s “empowering” to take off a lot of her clothes, adding of her sexy time in front of the camera:

“I’m a woman, I know how to handle myself. I know what I feel comfortable doing and I know my sexuality.”

Oh, and one more thing: sex is like dancing.

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