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Bill Condon: Kristen Stewart Is ‘Tough On Herself’ After Cheating

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November 20, 2012


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After CheatingKristen Stewart really shook up her relationship with fans when she cheated on Robert Pattinson, but ‘Breaking Dawn’ Director Bill Condon says Kristen is too ‘tough on herself’ in a new interview. Keep reading to see what else he said! Kristen Stewart‘s cheating scandal with her married SWATH director Rupert Sanders shocked fans and angered and humiliated her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, but now another director — Bill Condon — is sticking up for Kristen in a new interview with Movieline. Movieline asked Bill about having to film Kristen as a weak human Bella one day followed by a strong vampire Bella the next, because Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and Part 2 were filmed simultaneously. “I really do think that Kristen Stewart is amazing, but I feel like in terms of this series she doesn’t get credit for how much she accomplishes. I think if someone were to sit and watch these two movies that we made together at the same time and realize that Kristen shot that all together, it’s just another level of her gift. She was stepping out of her comfort zone, because there was so much Kristen in teenage Bella — and now this was someone who she was just creating. I think Kristen, who’s tough on herself, was able to step out of all that stuff and just really own everything.” Although he’s mostly talking about her acting chops, Rob and Kristen recently spoke out about having a huge franchise like Twilight overshadow their lives. “There is a price, which you have to pay. You are 24 hours in the job, if you go out in public,” Rob told German publication Bild about the repercussions of being in the public eye 24/7. “You’re trying to protect your life, but at the same time you also rob your life,” Kristen said.

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