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Balika Vadhu: Will Shiv unite Anandi and Jagya?

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November 1, 2012


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The collector has decided to call off the wedding and we are thoroughly irritated by the to-ing and fro-ing

Jagya?Balika Vadhu is twisting again. And here’s how it goes….Jagya left Anandi for another woman (Gauri) and when he got into a little trouble, he left her and came back for his first wife. His family, who initially supported Anandi in the husband-wife tussle, is now begging her to take him back and give the adulterer another opportunity.

After months and probably years of crying about being left by the husband she loved dearly, Anandi managed to get back on her feet, be independent and more. When she finally achieved what most people can’t even fathom, her family (read “in-laws”) pestered her to get married again. When that didn’t work, they went behind her back to find her a suitable man – Shiv – and used her mom’s death to get her settled. Finally Anandi gave in, and just when she was falling in love with Shiv – so we’d like to believe – Jagya came back, apologising and grovelling like a clingy and needy man. Will his selfishness never end?

Now Jagya knows that Anandi will do everything her family asks of her. So he hoodwinks Dadisa with his fake tears of repentance and now the head of the family wants Anandi to give Jagya a second chance. To add salt to the injury, Jagya begs Shiv to let Anandi go. The big-hearted man that Shiv is, he calls off his wedding. For all we know, he will even try to reunite the divorced couple. Do we really want that? Obviously no! We believe – once a cheater, always a cheater. What’s the guarantee that he will not ditch her again? What’s the guarantee that Gauri no longer has a hold on Jagya? Everything about Jagya is a big question mark.

We think Anandi should not take Jagya back into her life ever again. While we are sure you agree with us, vote and tell us if you’re as irritated as us with this new twist in the show Balika Vadhu.

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