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‘Bachelorette’ Wedding Special: Ashley Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum Say ‘I Do

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December 17, 2012


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Ashley and J.P.’s wedding finally aired Dec. 16 on ABC, and ‘Bachelorette’ fans got to see all the details of their big day: the preparation, the dress, the vows — and,of course, the tears!

Say ‘I DoAshley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum are only one of a few Bachelorette couples in history to have made it down the aisle, as they got married in a beautiful ceremony Dec. 1 at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena, Calif. And since their romance played out in front of the ABC cameras, it only seems fitting that they got also married in front of them! The Bachelor‘s own Chris Harrison hosted the wedding special, and it was so emotional!


A History Of Their Love:

J.P. admits it was “love at first sight” when he and Ashley met on The Bachelorette. He competed for her heart on the show, and he proved to be a worthy winner in May 2011, when he proposed to Ashley.

She says, “When we kissed, it was sparks” and that they have a “fairy tale relationship.” So sweet! They are clearly made for each other.

Preparing For The Wedding:

J.P. and Ashley told their families together about their plans for their big day, and their reaction was adorable. It’s clear that both families really approve of their union.

“We love Ashley” said J.P.’s mom Ilene Rosenbaum, while J.P. thanked Ashley’s family. Even Ashley’s sister seemed so excited for their wedding, and she was famously skeptical of their love when Ashley appeared on The Bachelorette.

Ashley and J.P. met with famous wedding planner Mindy Weiss to discuss their big day, and they were so cute!

J.P. said, “It’s our day, but it’s really her day, and I want her to get every thing she wants.” Ashley wanted simple, feminine, neutral details for the wedding, with “just a little color.” They chose white and cream flowers for the wedding, and the funniest moment was when Ashley picks out a wedding outfit for her dog Boo!

Speaking of their upcoming union, J.P. said, “I was never a huge believer of fate, but what are the odds that I meet the woman of my dreams the way I met her? There is not a day that goes by … that I don’t think about how lucky I am.” Aww!

Ashley got emotional when planning the wedding, and it was clear how excited she was to marry J.P. It was also obvious how excited she was to pick the cake! Red velvet seemed to be the winner for their big day, but Ashley knew the most important part of the day was “becoming man and wife.”

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