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Ariel Winter vs. Mother: The Ugly Court Transcript

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November 14, 2012


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The court transcript from last month’s guardianship hearing – which resulted in a judge decreeing that enough evidence of abuse existed to remove Ariel Winter from the home of her mother – have been made public.

And they are very ugly on both sides.

Ariel Winter

According to an attorney for Shanelle Workman (the actress’ sister, who is now caring for Ariel and who left home herself 20 years ago following allegations of abuse against her mom), Chrystal Workman was a “terror on the set of Modern Family” and was nearly removed on multiple occasions.

Moreover, Chrystal “repeatedly slapped, hit and pushed” Ariel, while Workman’s lawyer added that Chrystal “sexualizes” her child by forcing her to don revealing outfits.


In response, Chrystal clearly implied to the judge that her daughter was making up such charges, saying Winter is an “actress so I’m sure she can cry at the drop of a hat.”

Shanelle, meanwhile, was present in court and reiterated how Chrystal also abused her as a teenager.

Chrystal’s response? Her older child has no credibility because she ran off with a gang member many years ago and crack was once found in her home.

It’s a confusing case, it’s a sordid case and, because a 14-year old girl is at the center of it, it’s a very sad case.

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