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Are Kareena and Rani avoiding each other?

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December 18, 2012


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Rani and Kareena both are two important icons of Aamir Khan’s “Talaash”. The two leading ladies did a great job in it. Also both were the part of promotional process of the film but after the release again same rivalry has come out to the notice.

There was a party to celebrate the success of film “Talaash” and both actresses in the party did not come face to face. Officially, they always stated that they are friends but it seems that they are avoiding each other.

One of the reasons can be that Rani although has a sad role in the film as a stressing wife and Kareena played a very different role in the film but coming feedback results better for Rani. Rani grabbed more positive outcome. So the cold vibe has started.

On the other hand Rani’s spokesperson told that we don’t know form where these stories are coming out. They have no problem with each other. Both respect and love each other.

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