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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s interview with Sir David Frost

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December 12, 2012


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The former Miss World’s tête–à–tête with international host David Frost is worth a watch if you are in mood to listen to a vapid conversation

The full video of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s interview with Sir David Frost, which was broadcast by Al Jazeera International, has been released online. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is seen putting on an accent and bringing her highly refined and sophisticated self to the fore. Although she looked gorgeous in an ethnic ensemble, her sugar coated answers disappointed us. Showcasing an exhaustive coverage of Aishwarya’s film career and personal life, the initial part of the show consisted of clips from her Miss World days. And her final answer at the pageant, which was super diplomatic, seemed to have inspired Ash to use the same tone in the rest of the interview as well.

From kissing onscreen to how she treats marriage as an institution, Ash talks about almost everything under the sun. We like the way she deals with a volley of questions without stammering and stuttering and maintains a smooth flow throughout, but we wonder why the actor had to make it sound like she’s still competing for a coveted crown. The ‘being at ease’ quality was missing and the natural charm which comes to the fore when you are being yourself was nowhere to be seen. It all seemed like textbook answers mouthed in an impressive way to be in the good graces of people. The one interesting point she made that brought a bright spark in our eyes was when she said that, what kissing is to Hollywood, is dancing to Bollywood. Kissing scenes are still treated like a separate entity in Indian cinema which doesn’t come naturally to the actors, but gradually that scenario is changing.

And of course, how could Ash not give her opinion about food and weight related issues – the one reason she’s been constantly dragged to the limelight post-pregnancy. We came to a shocking halt when she said that ‘dieting’ has never been her thing, but then she substantiated her statement by saying that eating moderately has always played a key role in keeping fit. But we still weren’t fully convinced!

Ash confessed that she puts on an angrezi accent only on an international platform. She spoke about why she refused to be a part of the famous epic war film Troy, and that’s ‘coz the role required her to do sexually explicit scenes which she obviously wasn’t comfortable with.

She also talked about her marriage to Abhishek Bachchan, and how they were like any other normal couple. Quite a long interview, with parts that might pique your curiosity and bits that will bore the hell out of you. But for ardent Ash fans, this looks like a comprehensive data package.

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