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Aamir Khan’s crazy

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November 11, 2012


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crazyAamir Khan decided to go all out for his next film! While shooting for ‘Dhoom 3’ in Chicago, the 40-year-old didn’t hesitate to change his schedule completely. According to sources, Aamir planned his days with clockwork precision. If you’re thinking what the big deal is here this”: Aamir hit the gym at 3am in morning!

Apparently Aamir had to report to the location at 7am and hence his schedule was such: he would be up by 3am and hit the gym for two hours with his trainer. The source adds, “The workout sessions continued even when he was shooting in the evening and at night, hence his sleep time was scheduled so that he could wake up at 3” Whoa… now that’s sheer dedication!

From shooting to promotion, the actor seems to leave no stone unturned. While ‘Dhoom3’ is still under production, Aamir has played it smart with ‘Talaash’ too. If rumours are to be believed, the makers of ‘Talaash’ have asked single screen exhibitors to allow a fortnight’s clear run for the movie that is set to release on November 30. This means ‘Talaash’ will play solo across all single screens for two weeks, which, in turn, will affect Akshay Kumar’s ‘Khiladi 786’, releasing on December 7. Sources believe that this is Aamir’s idea. If so, looks like YRF has set a trend for film wars!

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